Sirius Aviation and PARQ Development to Bring 10 Hydro-Electric VTOL Jets to Bali; David Crawford Will Lead Sirius’s Asia Pacific Distribution

The Sirius-PARQ deal is estimated to be worth $500 million and intended to stimulate VTOL operations, eco-friendly tourism and economic growth in Indonesia.

(Baar, Switzerland and Ubud Bali, Indonesia) Swiss hydro-electric aerospace company Sirius Aviation AG and Bali’s PARQ Development have announced a partnership and PARQ’s order of 10 forthcoming hydro-electric vertical takeoff and landing (vTOL) Sirius Jets - along with tailored support services for Bali, Indonesia - in a deal estimated to be worth $500 million; simultaneously, David Crawford, the former Asia Pacific sales lead for Cirrus Aircraft, has stepped into the role of Sirius's Asia Pacific Distributor.


An image of Bali, where the Sirius Jet will traverse in partnership with PARQ Development, courtesy of Sirius Aviation AG.

The deal terms between Sirius and PARQ dictate that PARQ will receive five Sirius Millennium Jets and five Sirius Business Jets in the interest of advancing sustainable, zero-emission travel in Bali and nearby islands. Additionally, Sirius Aviation AG will establish five vertiports and five hydrogen generators - in order to facilitate VTOL operations, enhance accessibility, and stimulate eco-friendly tourism and economic growth in Indonesia.

"Our partnership marks the dawn of a new era for Bali and its surrounding islands, emphasizing zero-emission tourism, sustainable development, and regional economic growth,” said said Alexey Popov, CEO of Sirius Aviation AG. “With PARQ's tailored route planning and outstanding support services, we're setting a new standard.”

Business Jet copy.png

A rendering of the exterior of the forthcoming Sirius Business Jet, courtesy of Sirius Aviation AG.

The terms of the leasing scheme provided to PARQ by Sirius Aviation AG for its Sirius Jets hold that aircraft equipped with crew, maintenance and insurance will be leased to PARQ at a rate of $65,000 monthly for a period of over five years, with PARQ targeting $180,000 in monthly route earnings.

“This groundbreaking initiative sets a new standard in the tourism industry and paves the way for future collaborations,” reads a March 25th press release from Sirius.

Newsfeed: Thursday, May 30, 2024