Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) Prepares to Manufacture Upgraded Version of Gulfstream G280

IAI builds the super-midsize G280 business jet under license for Gulfstream Aerospace; details of improvements for the follow-on to the G280 remain largely under wraps.

(Tel Aviv, Israel) Aircraft manufacturer Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is preparing for the series production of an upgraded version of the super-midsize Gulfstream G280 business jet it builds under license for General Dynamics (NYSE: GD) subsidiary Gulfstream Aerospace, according to AIN.


Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) produces the Gulfstream G280 supermidsized business jet at its facility in Tel Aviv, Israel; photo courtesy of AIN.

Following type certification in Israel and in the United States, plans call for first deliveries of the forthcoming jet to be made in 2026, per AIN.

According to Shmuel Kuzi, executive vice president and general manager of IAI’s aviation group, IAI has already produced a prototype of the upgraded G280 and is now adapting its production lines, according to AIN.

"We have designed the upgraded version and we will certify it as we did with previous models of Gulfstream business jets that we have made," Kuzi told AIN. "We plan to manufacture 30 aircraft a year."


The G280 in flight, courtesy of Gulfstream.

The G280 super-midsize twinge entered service in 2012, and IAI has delivered approximately 300 units since that time, according to AIN.

G280 Specs:

  • Max. Range: 3,600 nautical miles (6,667 km)
  • Max. Speed: Mach 0.85 (566.73 knots)
  • Max. Passengers: 10; sleeping accommodations for up to 5 pax
  • Additional: 100% fresh air cabin, 19 large oval windows, and, according to Gulfstream, the lowest cabin altitude in the super midsize class

g280_12_1300x1074 copy-11w.jpg

The G280 on a runway, courtesy of Gulfstream.

Newsfeed: Thursday, May 30, 2024