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El Al Selects Boeing’s 737 MAX for Narrowbody Fleet Replacement


El Al’s deal with Boeing is valued at ~ $2 - 2.5 billion over several years, beginning in 2027.

(Tel Aviv, Israel) El Al Israel Airlines (TLV: ELAL) announced today that it has chosen Boeing’s 737 MAX aircraft to supply its future narrowbody fleet, opting for Boeing’s narrowbody model in favor of Airbus’s A320 family narrow-bodies.


Photo of an El Al Airlines Boeing 737 NG aircraft on the runway, courtesy of Aviation Week Network.

On June 10, El Al shared that its board of directors had approved the decision to move forward with Boeing and other leasing companies to secure approximately 30 737 MAXs for its fleet, according to Aviation Week.

Per Aviation Week, an El Al spokesperson shared that the value of the Boeing deal is estimated at $2 billion – $2.5 billion over several years, beginning in 2027. The amount includes the purchase and lease of aircraft which will, over time, replace part of El Al’s current fleet of 14 737-800s and eight 737-900ERs.

In a June 10 statement, El Al CEO Dina Ben-Tal Ganancia said, “We are excited to report today a significant milestone in El Al’s story toward a mega transition for unprecedented development of El Al’s fleet, which will dramatically increase its expansion potential.”