Cirrus Aircraft Reveals SR Series G7; Nails It With Keyless Engine Start

Cirrus President Todd Simmons debuted the newest generation of the Cirrus SR Series, which the company describes as the world’s best-selling, high-performance, single-engine piston aircraft.

(Orlando, Florida) Tonight, Cirrus Aircraft revealed the newest generation of its high-performance, single-engine piston SR series aircraft, the SR Series G7.


Photo courtesy of Cirrus: The SR Series G7.

The FLY Report watched a live-stream of Cirrus President, Customer Experience Todd Simmons on stage in Orlando, Florida alongside N618LB as he introduced the aircraft and spoke to live and virtual audiences about not only the G7 reveal, but also a series of recent Cirrus milestones, including: an upcoming delivery this week of the 10,000th Cirrus aircraft ever (after the company delivered the 9,000th SR aircraft last year); a total of 500 Vision Jets sold since the end of 2016; an in-operation count of 700 Cirrus global training, service, support and partner centers across 65 countries worldwide; 16.5 million flight hours flown on Cirrus airplanes since the company’s inception 25 years ago and more than 250 people returned to safety via Cirrus’s Airframe Parachute System (CAPS) since its introduction.

“What we are focused on at Cirrus Aircraft is personal aviation,” Simmons said. “We believe we are the true creators of that category.”

“It started with our focus on the pilot - the pilot in the left front seat,” Simmons continued. “Since then, we have evolved - our first evolution was to extend the dream and the passion to the passengers. And tonight, we evolve again, making personal aviation even more accessible by making it easier, more intuitive, simpler and safer,” Simmons said.


Photo courtesy of Cirrus: The SR Series G7 Flight Deck.

As for the SR Series G7, key upgraded specs - among many - include a new intelligent lightweight battery (20 pounds lighter than its predecessors), keyless engine start (Push Button Start), upgraded avionics - including smart flap switches ensuring the accuracy of flap positions and automatic fuel tank switching (the Automatic Fuel Selector System automatically switches between fuel tanks every five gallons) - and improved navigation systems, numerous interior cabin design improvements, and larger high-resolution displays - including the Garmin touch controllers, which are 35% larger than those they replaced.

Editor’s Note: As a Cirrus SR-20 pilot-in-training myself, I freaked out upon seeing the on-stage G7’s keyless engine start : ).

Cirrus Chief Executive Officer Zean Nelson appeared in a virtual segment onstage to provide additional details.

“Your Cirrus should feel like an extension of your car,” Nelson said. “You learn to crawl, walk and drive - so why shouldn’t the next initiative be to fly?”

A full list of specifications and upgrades to the SR Series product line - SR20, SR22 and SR22T - can be found in this evening’s press release from Cirrus.

Screen Shot 2024-01-11 at 7.14.38 PM.png

Photo of Cirrus President, Customer Experience Todd Simmons on stage in Orlando, Florida at the SR Series G7 Reveal.

According to tonight's press release, the SR Series G7 features Cirrus Perspective Touch+™ by Garmin®, the most advanced flight deck in the industry, and is the first-ever piston aircraft to incorporate dual Garmin Touch Controllers.

“My colleagues from Garmin are in the audience tonight and I want to give a shoutout to them for this incredible integration - this is what partnership looks like between Garmin and Cirrus Aircraft,” Simmons said during his demonstration.

Simmons also spoke about Cirrus’s commitment to investment and innovation, specifically referencing the the new private pilot training program the company introduced this past July at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2023.

“Cirrus is where people become personal aviators through a comprehensive, connected learning experience,” Simmons said.

Additional Editor's Note: Thank you, Cirrus - I’m sure I’m not the only one who left the reveal feeling inspired and heading out to fly ASAP this weekend.

P.S. My good friends and flight instructors at P6 Aviation at New Jersey’s Essex County Airport (IATA: CDW; ICAO: KCDW; FAA LID: CDW) will receive their first SR Series G7 this coming March — we can’t wait!

Newsfeed: Monday, June 24, 2024