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Archer Announces Completion of Transition Flight of its Second Full-Scale eVTOL Aircraft


Archer’s Midnight eVTOL achieved speeds of more than 100 mph and transition from hover to wing-borne flight.

(Santa Clara, California) Archer Aviation Inc.(NYSE: ACHR) announced this morning that its full-scale electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, Midnight, completed a successful transition flight on June 8 – the transition flight included a vertical takeoff and forward acceleration, with the aircraft reaching speeds of more than 100 mph, transitioning from thrust-borne to wing-borne flight, decelerating, and landing vertically.

_Midnight_Flight-3 copy - 11w.jpg

Photo of Archer's Midnight electric vertical take-off and landing vehicle (eVTOL) in flight, courtesy of Archer Aviation.

In today’s press release from Archer, the company’s Founder and CEO Adam Goldstein said, “Transitioning two generations of full-scale eVTOL aircraft in less than 2 years is another remarkable achievement for Archer’s team. This shows we continue to successfully execute against our plan to create the most efficient path to market with an aircraft that is designed for certification and to be manufactured efficiently at scale.”

Archer’s Midnight aircraft is the seventh full-scale eVTOL aircraft that Archer’s CTO Tom Muniz and Chief Engineer Dr. Geoff Bower have successfully built and flown in their respective careers, per Archer’s release.

November 2022 marked Archer’s first successful transition flight with its first generation full-scale eVTOL aircraft Maker, only elevent months after its first flight. The company still utilizes Maker in its flight test program.

In today’s release, Archer’s Chief Engineer Dr. Geoff Bower said, “Successfully completing the transition from hover to wing-borne flight with a full-scale eVTOL aircraft is a tremendous engineering feat that only a handful of companies in the world have achieved. Over the seven eVTOL aircraft I’ve built and flown in my career, they have gotten progressively larger as we pursued payloads that made the aircraft platform commercially viable. Midnight is believed to be one of the largest eVTOL aircraft ever to achieve transition and one of the first that is purpose built to carry enough passengers to be able to operate a successful air taxi business. I’m extremely proud of Archer’s team as we have now achieved this milestone with two generations of full-scale aircraft.”

Archer will continue its test flight program with Midnight, ensuring the aircraft is capable of flying simulated commercial routes and can demonstrate operational readiness. Midnight will be used to test additional flight maneuvers commonly used in commercial flights, as the company continues to experiment with the aircraft’s speed and endurance.